Pauline Town, 1st June 2018

NUT18: Supply teacher executive seat

Motion 51 was proposed by the Lewis, Eastbourne & Wealden Association.

A similar motion had come to last year's conference, but was not won.

This motion called for an amendment to the NEU Constitution to allow a supply teacher section to be established with all the equal rights as the other three sections named ie. LGBT, Disabled, and Black Teachers, presently have. This included an executive seat specifically to represent supply teacher members.

An amendment proposed by Coventry, and seconded by West Suffolk Associations, deleted all of the motion. Instead it argued that the best way forward, was to continue to support the Supply Teachers National Forum, and the Network. Additionally to organise activity at many levels, including Supply groups at Association level, to look to a better NUT alternative to Supply Agencies especially where these are exploiting supply teachers.

This Amendment was spoken against very strongly by a supply teacher member from Sefton. He accused the Union of treating supply teacher members as 2nd class citizens, and referred to the last Conference, where the motion was on the agenda.

A card vote was taken using the digital voting cards, and the amendment was lost by 46% to 55%. However the motion went into the unfinished part of the agenda, as there was no more time. And on Tuesday morning it was not reached in the unfinished business section, and so remains not voted on, and will have to come back again to the next Conference.

Jill Friedmann adds:


Supply teachers make up about 10% of the union membership and Motion 51 calls for an amendment to union rules to allow for the creation of a supply teacher section with equal rights with the 3 other sections including a seat on the executive and an annual conference.

Amendment 51.1 strengthened the main motion demanding more action to protect supply staff and improve their conditions.

This amendment was not supported partly due to concerns that creating more sections would fragment the union. The voting was so close a digi vote was called and lost.

Motion 51 was lost.

Supply staff should continue to inform Leicestershire NEU about any problems they are experiencing - evidence is vital in the campaign to improve terms and conditions for this important group of staff.


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