Dave Cross, 1st June 2018

NUT18: Secondary Curriculum and Assessment

The secondary curriculum is becoming unbalanced. Motion 45 sought to redress the trends/policies that have led to this situation. Speaker convincingly claimed new GCSEs were not fit for purpose. A speaker stated we shouldn't be torturing our children and recounted how one of their students had written on the paper I'm sorry teacher I'm so stupid. The new GCSE sets up many students for failure. This is all feeding the mental health crisis in schools as unachievable targets are set. This dark lifeless curriculum leads to increased disaffection.

In many ways this almost dystopian view of where we are moving to, with pupils drilled to pass exams, but not always understand or enjoy is not by any means all hyperbole!

The Government states it's all part of achieving a world class education system. Teachers know what a world class education system looks like and it's not this.


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