Pauline Town, 1st June 2018

NUT18: Boycott high stakes, summative tests in primary schools

Motion 48 was proposed by Notts and seconded by Leeds Associations.

And as said by Robert Illingworh (Notts), the President did then rule out of order two significant paragraphs of this new motion, as a result of the amended Motion 47 being passed. These basically called for the Union to ballot all primary members to support a boycott of all testing for 2018/19 academic year, and in particular a boycott of SATs test s in April 2019.

The remaining part of the motion restated the Union's opposition to the testing regime of the government, the damage these do to our pupils, and the undermining of teachers' professional expertise to assess their pupils, and as outline in the statement in More Than A Score (MTAS).

An amendment from Croydon and South East Essex Associations was carried. This amendment called upon the NEU to work with MTAS to develop an alternative system of assessment, and to approach the Opposition to get a commitment that as a future government, it would overturn the present testing regime. Further to link the campaign against Baseline to the SATs tests for possible action in 2019.

The main motion, as amended, and considerably weakened as far as any action was concerned, was then passed.


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