15th April 2019

NEU inaugurated

As from 1st Jan. 2019 the NEU was inaugurated combining the NUT and the ATL.

Our district represents the interests of around 4,000 members in Leicestershire. The failure of the LA to provide facility time means that our office is not manned all the time. If you have any problems your first port of call should be your school rep and then the ADVICE HELPLINE 0345 8118111 which is manned from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday. You can email them here.

We hold General Meetings for all members to attend, usually at the Belmont Hotel and we hold committee meetings usually at Pilot House. If you would like to get involved with the committee you would be very welcome: just let the secretary know. Currently we have posts available for an equalities officer, a learning rep, supply teachers' organiser, support staff organiser, and a post 16 teachers rep. In-service teachers are particularly needed as ordinary committee members. Why not go to conference next year at Easter all expenses paid?


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