Toni Wyatt Bennett, 4th April 2018

NUT18: The Housing Crisis

Commenting after the debate on Motion 13, Kevin Courtney, General Secretary of the NUT section of the National Education Union, said:

The exorbitant cost of housing in many parts of the country is making it impossible for people to live near their workplaces or stay close to family. It is forcing many to leave the place they called home.

Many young teachers in areas with high rents or property prices are spending disproportionate amounts of their salary on accommodation, with many still having to live with parents or move to areas with cheaper accommodation. At a time of severe teacher shortages this is a real problem.

The NUT supports the TUC's call for fair rents and the building of more council housing. Without this, our schools and other public services will find it harder to recruit and retain staff and will put untold strains on our essential services.


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