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As members will know, the first point of contact for advice or support should be the NUT school Rep.
Members should then refer to the advice help line.
Contact the NUT Advice Helpline on 0203 0066 266 (9-7, Monday to Friday).
Email nutadviceline[at]nut.org.uk

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Meetings and events

Tuesday 27th February 2018, 7.00pm
General Meeting

Tuesday 6th March 2018
Committee Meeting

Monday 26th to Friday 6th April 2018
Easter holidays

Friday 30th to Tuesday 3rd April 2018
National Conference

Tuesday 17th April 2018, 7.00pm
Committee Meeting

Tuesday 15th May 2018, 7.00pm
Committee Meeting

Tuesday 12th June 2018, 7.00pm
Committee Meeting

Tuesday 10th July 2018, 6.30pm
Committee Meeting